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Dear Friends,
 Thanks for your caring and support.  It was such fun working with all of you and your "fur babies" 
Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I have closed my  business.  Thanks for stopping by. 

To: April DuPlantier

26259 W Firehawk Dr.


Hi April

Just a short note of appreciation for your help in training our Bojangles.

Firstly, on your initial visit, you very clearly went over all that you do, all the steps in the program for training our Borangles (labradoodle) , what we should expect of you and, what you expected of us .

We found that you had great communication skills with our dog, you knew how to get through to him, what you wanted him to do and he wanted to please you. You were very patient and with your guidance, he learned fast, in our view. To be honest, we found that the training was as much for us as for our pet. The importance of being consistent and clear in our directives, to pace the direction in such a way that gave him time to figure out what we wanted him to do . Mostly to be patient.

It was quite amazing how it all came together. We were very impressed with your dedication and persistence to do all that you could, to help your clients and their pets to the extent that when faced with difficult challenges, you even consulted with other experienced trainers for their opinions, drawing on their experience, and possible ways/ procedures that might help. Although, from my observation, they could learn a lot more from you than you from them!

April, you are a true professional in every sense of the word.

We were very pleased with your knowledge and dedication. Your willingness to accommodate and to, at times, juggle a very busy schedule, were also appreciated.

Warmest regards

Bill & Carol Gendreau

Buckeye Az.  9/14

To: Anyone interested in a well trained dog
From: Dana Kovach
Date: 8
Subject: Strong Recommendation for April Du Plantier as Animal Trainer

I had the wonderful opportunity to receive training and guidance from April with regard to our puppy, Copper, during the early part of2012. April was very patient and kind with both owner and puppy in our efforts to develop an obedient young dog. She is a very knowledgeable person with a great passion for her vocation. She genuinely cares that owner and dog are receiving the best possible instruction so that a great relationship is developed. She is "hands on", willing to demonstrate the training necessary and then diligent to make sure that owner and dog understand the concepts and direction. She is also very flexible, with a variety of techniques depending on the behavioral needs and responses of the animal.

In particular, April helped us with basic commands such as "Come", "Walk Nice", "Sit", "Down", "Stay", "Fetch", etc. She also gave excellent advice about how to help with overcoming a stone chewing habit, as well as some excessive barking. In all instances, she showed how to be firm, yet loving. She exhibits the best techniques of training, with a strong push for reward-based efforts.

If you want someone who will genuinely care about you, the owner, and your dog and the training they need to be a wonderful pet in the home, then make sure to give April Du Plantier strong consideration. She has my respect and commendation for all her efforts with Copper and me!


Dana Kovach


August 15, 2012

To whom it may Concern:

The Story of Stella and April:

Two years ago, we rescued a little black toy poodle from the Humane Society named Stella. A few days after bringing her home, we discovered why she needed to be rescued she had some serious issues. Though smart and adorable, Stella darted out any open door and ran down the street. Chasing her made it
worse and often it took 15 minutes and a car to get her home. While out, she'd chase and bark at any humans she could find. We immediately worried about her safety and our relationships with our neighbors. Additional concerns emerged

When we moved to Arizona and she had several close encounters with coyotes during her escapes.

A few months ago, we found Animal Trainer April Duplantier and began having her work with Stella. April immediately helped us correct her run away issues. In fact, by the end of our first appointment, we realized how easy it was to get our dog to come back to the house with the right commands and tools! It was marvelous!

As we continued to work with April, we were able to see many of Stella's negative behaviors corrected or greatly improved. She is now a much more pleasant pet, and we worry much less about her-personal safety.

If you are thinking of hiring April to help you with your pet, do it! She's a knowledgeable trainer who can help!


Julie Hillman Surprise, Arizona


September 5, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently adopted a puppy, Muddy Buddy (or just "Buddy"), a German Shepherd mix. While Buddy had already developed a few intelligent habits prior to coming to our home, we could tell from veterinary records obtained, that his prior master had a lot of anxiety over Buddy's high level of energy and destructive behaviors, After we adopted Buddy, he quickly started tearing up sections of the yard and some possessions in his path. His over-active behavior along with his great strength also became a safety concern for us with our four young children at home. We knew that we had to get Buddy trained, and quickly!

April Du Plantier was recommended to us by a neighbor. Within a few days of contacting her, April met with us about Buddy and was so helpful and pleasant to work with right from the start. April voluntarily spent time with us in our home weekly over the course of a couple of months to train Buddy. You could sense from her the whole time how much she truly cares about Buddy, our family, and the relationship we establish together. The results of her training have amazed us. Here are just a few examples: (1) we were afraid to bring strangers into our home as Buddy would always jump up at them-this behavior is gone and he does great around guests; (2) we had trouble walking Buddy because he was so strong that he could easily pull away from our children, especially when he'd see a rabbit)-this has stopped; (3) Buddy would run through the front and back doors as soon as they were opened-this too has stopped, and he knows now to wait; (4) soon after we got him, Buddy had jumped up onto our kitchen counter to take food when no one was looking, but he now understands the kitchen is off limits, and knows his boundaries and proper places better in the home. Buddy has demonstrated that he'll stay close and come to us when we call.

April was also very kind and patient in working with our children. They were always excited to share what they had worked on for the week when she would come. She truly made training the dog a family affair. She taught them with patience and kindness.

We continue to exercise the lessons taught to us by April Du Plantier to refine Buddy's behavior, and our entire family has greatly benefited from her training of Buddy and the improvements experienced. We highly recommend her to others seeking help with training their dogs.


Quintus and Mandy Schulzke


To Whom It May Concern 

April was and still is our trainerWe have a Pit/ Boxer mix that we adopted from the human society.
Right from the start we knew we had to get a trainer because of her behavior. We could not get her near our other dogs and she was killing me when we walked. April gave us the proper tools to use and helped us turn our puppy into a respectable family member
When you need a trainer April can help you. She is the only one that would help us with our Pit and she did a great job

Thanks April:
Mark Dingee and Jeanette Johnson


We have a happy, loveable 92 lb., 2 year old pit bull with some basic obedience training. Feeling the need to expand her education, we contacted April to assist us and also to address a more serious problem. As I said she is happy and quite loveable to humans as welas other dogs. Problem being, when we are walking her on the leash she demonstrates extreme erratic behavior when we encounter another dog. We have not been able to correct this behavior. April provided us with new and quite effective techniques to' further our dog's education and behavior with immediate and positive results. When April witnessed the extreme behavior she was at a loss, admitting that she -had never experienced such

behavior. Doing some research, April returned a week later with a fellow trainer who had experience with such behavior. After one session our puppy has displayed a 90% improvement. Kudos to April for her friendly and gentle approach to making all of our lives better. Thank you April.

Lee, Susan and Mele Wilson


April with Come, Sit, Stay K-9 Training was wonderful! I loved that she worked around my family's schedule so all of us could be here for the lessons. She came to our house which is priceless! We didn't have to worry about other dogs and distractions. Our dog definitely needed obedience training and we didn't know what to do. April taught all the commands and what to do and  what not to do. She gave us the guidance we needed. Every week we had a new lesson to work on. We were given "homework" each week and we definitely did it. Our dog listens, stays, waits, doesn't jump on people, comes when called, etc. He was under a year old when we started and we are so lucky to have found April. Her prices are reasonable and we did payments as we went. I recommend April and her training. She is very knowledgeable and definitely knows all she can about dogs and training. She loves dogs and she is very gentle and understanding with them and with us. We continue to use the knowledge we learned everyday with our dog, but I also know that April is just a call away if I ever need her.

Laine Lercher (Shiloh's Mom)

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